Purple Shampoo: The Brassy Blonde Banisher

Purple Shampoo: The Brassy Blonde Banisher

Nothing looks better than freshly done blonde highlights. They’re bright, they’re white, and they’re been blended to match perfectly with your natural colour. Unfortunately for most of us this bright look tends to fade quickly, especially if you’ve got a darker natural base underneath. You probably find that you need to get your hair done every 5 weeks in order to maintain the soft delicate look of your hair. Personally, my shade of blonde tends to turn an ugly yellow colour if I leave it for too long. I was getting sick of having to spend hundreds of dollars just to get the roots touched up every month, so I decided to look into ways of minimizing the copper that was inevitably popping up. Here are two things you can do in order to restore the luster into your locks between colourings:

  • Get a toner put on your hair in between colourings. Based on my research these cost about $20. Prices will differ depending on your salon, but if you’ve built a good repertoire with your hairdresser, and are a consistent customer, you may even get this treatment for free. Next time you hit the mark for getting your hair redone, try getting a toner treatment instead. The toner can be a permanent or semi-permanent colour, and only your hairdresser will know which one to use depending on your hair colour and type. Toners are used to cancel out yellow tones, orange tones, and brassiness. They will essentially enhance your existing colour. Even if your extremely dark roots are showing, a toner will lighten them up, make your highlights blend with your roots nicely, and make them less visible. I did this for my hair once before heading to a wedding, and it worked perfectly for my roots. It just lightened up my hair overall. It’s worth a try.
  • Buy purple shampoo. This stuff seriously works. I started using it a few weeks ago and I’m already noticing a huge difference with my hair. In brief, purple shampoo neutralizes the yucky yellow, brassy tones in your hair. A little lesson on colour theory: opposing colours neutralize each other. It just so happens that violet is opposite of yellow, and the violet in purple shampoo is therefore going to strip away a lot of the yellow pigment in your hair. If you have natural blonde hair, or even grey, the purple shampoo is going to give you an overall brighter look. There are so many different brands you can try out, but the one I recommend is by the Schwarzkopf brand, and it’s called the Bonacure Colour Save Silver Shampoo. It’s pretty expensive if you buy it in stores, so I buy mine on amazon for about $18 (Link: http://www.amazon.com/Bonacure-Color-Save-Silver-Shampoo/dp/B004243WRS/ref=pd_sbs_hpc_1). Not only does the shampoo do an incredible job of taking out the yellow, it is extremely softening and moisturizing. Under advisement of my hairdresser, I only use the purple shampoo a couple times through the week, followed by a colour safe conditioner (of your choosing).  Just make sure your regular shampoo is colour safe as well.

Well, there you have it. These are two effective ways to lessen the frequency of your hair salon visits and to maintain your lustrous locks.


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